A warm welcome. Since you have landed here the chances are that you, or someone close to you, is experiencing symptoms of loss and grief. This is my area of specialty. There are a number of ways I can offer you support:-

Help with the grieving process

  • You will find regular blogs and videos here, together with a list of resources.
  • I also offer bereavement counselling. Where deep grief is present, support is invaluable as the emotions and feelings can be intense. You will discover ways to manage the grief that do not involve pushing it away – clients invariably leave with a renewed sense of calm. Even when a number of years have passed, it’s never too late to resolve loss and grief.
  • My younger daughter died in 2013. My book “In Search of You” is a series of letters written to her from 2012 to 2019.
    this is a lovely book….Dame Joan Bakewell.
    “painful, but also utterly inspiring…Cygnus magazine.

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About Grief

Grief is a normal, healthy response to loss, and grieving is the act of allowing the pain of the loss to move freely through the body. In time the emotions and feelings gradually ease and subside.

There are many different forms of loss, be it the loss of a job, or loss of health; a close relationship ends, a family breaks down, or we experience the death of someone we love. One of the biggest losses at present is the loss of financial security and the loss of mental well-being.

The greatest loss of my life has been the death of my daughter seven years ago. Nothing is the same as it was before she died, including myself. I realise how short life is, and I relish it in a way that I didn’t before she died.

I have learned that grief knows where it wants to go, and how it wants to play out. This is not an easy concept when both our culture and family conditioning advocate a ‘stiff upper lip’ approach when dealing with loss/grief. ‘Be strong’ and ‘get on with life’ were the values I grew up with in my family. This is not a criticism; it’s just how it was, and still is; at least for now.

The associated feelings and emotions surrounding grief, especially deep grief, may be intense – from shock, deep sadness, depression, emptiness, despair, not wanting to be in life, anger, resentment, depression – to guilt and shame.

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