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Solstice Greetings

We are approaching the winter Solstice, the still point in the year; the time of deepest darkness, when the seeds of next year lie hidden,

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radio broadcast about grief

Inspire Radio Interview

I was introduced to ‘Inspire Radio,’ when Ruth Owen invited me to give an interview. Check out the channel as they broadcast a great range

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The Pains of Deep Grief

Q. Since my brother’s death six months ago, I have been experiencing sharp pains around my chest area. He and I were very close. What

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Lockdown Grief

Q. Nobody has died in my family, yet I am experiencing terrible anxiety and grief. Since lockdown both my partner and I have lost our

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Giving Support

Q. A dear friend’s child has died. How can I best support her? I know my family and friends would have welcomed suggestions as to

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