Bereavement Counselling

I work from my home in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire providing  bereavement counselling on a 1 to 1 basis. I offer a free consultation on the telephone, normally around 15 minutes. It is important that we both like the idea of working together. You need to feel you have the right person working alongside you. On the whole, between 4 to 7 sessions work well. You can always have a ‘top up’ at a later point. 

How Bereavement Counselling can help

You will usually come away with:-

  1. Greater self-confidence in your ability to navigate your way through the emotions and feelings of grief – those of shock, deep sorrow, depression, despair, resentment, anger and maybe a good dose of guilt. I will share with you some breathing techniques that will calm you, together with self massage of the heart area, and simple grounding exercises.

  2.  Better understanding and more confidence in communicating your needs and feelings with members of your family and friends.

  3. You may like to keep a notebook or diary of how you are feeling. We can explore this. Journaling shows you how the grief is moving through you. You will begin to notice the spaces between the ‘down’ times getting longer, and also that they are becoming less intense.

  4. Sometimes visual images that you are left with may be hard to assimilate. We will work together to address this.

  5. Nearly every bereaved person I have worked with, and that includes myself, has been left with a sense of guilt and even shame; that somehow we could have done things differently, or better. Whilst understandable, we don’t want this festering for too long, as guilt and shame are toxic in the way they sap our energy and lower self esteem. We can explore this together.

Note: Each person has different needs, so these are just guide-lines. If you have any questions please do get in contact.

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