Lockdown Grief

Q. Nobody has died in my family, yet I am experiencing terrible anxiety and grief. Since lockdown both my partner and I have lost our jobs. Our family is now on benefits, however they have not come through. My father has been helping us financially to cover the cost of food for the 4 of us – we have 2 children – however, that is coming to an end. I’ve been to foodbanks which I’ve never had to do before. My anxiety is not helping. I also have a sense of shame about being in this position.

A. I’m so sorry you find yourself in this position which is understandably adding to your anxiety. Although you have nothing to be ashamed of, shame has crept in. It’s good that you are aware of this as it means it will be easier to work with: recognise it when it appears, meet it, talk to it and tell it that it has no place in your life. Also, hold your head up high and check your posture. There is much to be learned here about humility and compassion (first and foremost for yourself, as well as for others).

There are a number of natural products for anxiety – Findhorn’s ‘Calm me Down’ flower essences are excellent. Your local health shop will probably stock a remedy. Also check out the breathing exercises in my videos. If you need extra support then do visit your GP. Support may be given on the telephone during lockdown. Hope that helps.


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