Promoting my book – five lessons learned

Writing a book is one thing, but talking about it and promoting it, is a whole other challenge. Since my book was published in late June, I have learnt, and am still learning, a whole new array of skills. Here are just five …

  1. Perfecting a Press Release – what I didn’t realise is that a PR is different to a book review. I was muddled at first. A PR is different because it’s factual, to the point, and is designed to entice the interest of a journalist. Saying how great the book is doesn’t hit the spot, because everybody (hopefully) thinks their book is great. You have to say what inspired you to write. How do I feel now? How do readers get hold of the book? What really helped me was getting help with a PR company in the UK who had a data base of those who might be interested in a book about love and grief. We then sent out the PR with a photo and my contact details. Baited breath……the enquiries slowly began to trickle in.
  2. Overcoming insecurities – it’s a dreadful feeling to put your heart and soul into a book, to then find that others aren’t particularly interested in it I thought the phone would ring straight away, but it took 10 days.
  3. Daring – I have to dare even if it means facing rejection. It’s getting easier! I was thrilled when the Irish magazine ‘Image’ in Dublin responded and asked me to write a short feature about the book. It went out on line and received a good deal of interest. Stroud bookshop also responded and are stocking the book, in fact they have a copy in the window as we speak. And Stroud News Journal are also running a feature on Wednesday, Sept 9th; Cotswold Life and the local Nailsworth News are doing something similar. I so appreciate local support.
  4. Patience – My dream is that my book will sell widely so that more and more of us wake up to the understanding that grief is a normal, healthy response to loss, and that showing our feelings is not a weakness. In fact, grieving is actually good for us (provided it doesn’t get stuck along the way)! So you see I’m doing my best to be patient!
  5. Perseverance – There were days when I didn’t feel like writing, and it’s the same with marketing the book. Having said that, I do something most days. A big part of this requires trust in the bigger picture and I have plenty of that.

Oh I must tell you, I sent a complimentary copy of “In Search of You” to Gloria Hunniford, whose daughter also died a few years ago. She sent me a delightful letter acknowledging the book and says she hoped to have time to read it in September.

And a journalist at ‘Women Talking,’ having read my book, said it was ‘brilliant’, and then gave it to her mother-in-law whose husband sadly died during lockdown. It is the sort of book you will want to pass on, and it is stories like hers that make me feel it’s all been worthwhile.

So there we have it, at least for now. Thanks for reading, and I would be most grateful for your help in spreading the word about “In Search of You”.

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